DNA shows ancient hunter had blue eyes, dark skin


BERLIN – A hunter-gatherer who lived in Europe some 7,000 years ago probably had blue eyes and dark skin, a combination that has largely disappeared from the continent in the millennia since, scientists said Tuesday.

The discovery, published in the journal Nature this week, was made by scientists from the United States, Europe and Australia who analyzed ancient DNA extracted from a male tooth found in a cave in northern Spain.

“We have the stereotype that blue eyes are found only in light-skinned people but that’s not necessarily the case,” lead researcher Carles Lalueza-Fox said in a telephone interview Tuesday with The Associated Press.


Stiti cat timp pierd angajatii pentru a gasi un document in calculatorul lor?

Un studiu recent a aratat ca, in medie, un angajat pierde cel putin 25 minute pe zi cautand documente in loc sa efectueze sarcina ce-i este destinata. La o companie de 100 de angajati, pierderile sunt de 300.000 USD pe an. Bani care s-ar putea regasi in profit sau in investitii.

Luand in calcul acelasi exemplu, o organizatie cu 100 de angajati poate pierde pana la 150.000 USD anual din cauza gestionarii prea lente a documentelor si a supraincarcarcarii administrative a managerilor.

Nu in ultimul rand, pierderea documentelor poate produce costuri nedorite, constand in penalitati sau litigii cu partenerii si clientii dumneavoastra. Mai mult, renumele si brandul in care ati investit ar putea fi afectate grav.




O strategie de comunicare se elaboreaza in 8 etape. Ele trebuie urmate succesiv:

– identificarea publicului tinta;
– definirea obiectivelor;
– proiectarea mesajului;
– alegerea canalului mass-media;
– evaluarea bugetului;
– deciderea asupra mixului promotional;
– masurarea rezultatelor;
– coordonarea activitatilor de comunicare.

Pentru o prezentare elaborata trimite solicitarea la comandawebsite@gmail.com

In retail, planul de marketing anual poate fi un instrument foarte util sau dimpotriva ceva ce tine pe loc activitatea. Planul de marketing da ritmicitatea vanzarilor, ajuta estimarea vanzarilor si implicit a costurilor si bugetelor.

Crazy Neighbor

The Sir Letters

My Dear Protective Sir,

One word: Maisy.

You had me scared of your poor, defenseless, old neighbor lady before I ever got to Australia. Then I caught her watching me: and watching me – always watching me.

Once I went out in the backyard to do something, and poor Maisy made a beeline for me. I had no idea she could get around that quickly. She was fast for an old gal.

She started asking me questions. She wanted to know who I was, what I was doing in your house, how long I was staying, and why did I talk funny? (Those are just a few of the questions she bombarded me with.) I believe I started making up answers to throw her off the scent of a good gossip story. I also wanted so badly to point out that I had on your dressing gown and you needed…

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Further reading on women and the workplace

TED Blog

During an interview at TEDWomen 2013, host Pat Mitchell asked Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to explain how her 2010 TED Talk evolved.

[ted_talkteaser id=1906]“I asked myself the question that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and my boss, asks all of us, which is: What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?” Sandberg said. Her answer: “I would get on the TED stage and talk about women and leadership. And I did. And survived.”

And let’s be honest, she didn’t just survive. Her talk has been viewed more than 3 million times so far. It spawned a best-selling book, Lean In. In fact, with her talk, Sandberg launched a full-scale movement[ted_talkteaser id=1040]: there are now over 12,000 “Lean In Circles,” essentially support groups for working women, across 50 countries. “I’m grateful, I’m honored, I’m happy,” says Sandberg. “And it’s the very beginning.”

In today’s talk

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